Tips for water conservation


  • Shower: Almost 1/4 of household water is used in the shower. Cutting your shower time by just 2 minutes can result in a water saving of up to 30%.
  • Toilet: Please choose the half flush when you finish using the toilet. If you don’t have this option, consider upgrading your single flush toilet to a dual flush system to save up to 80L of water per day.


  • No pre-rising: Instead of rinsing your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher or sink, scrape the excess food into the bin. Pre-rinsing dishes can double your water use.
  • Dishwasher: Running your dishwasher with only a half load effectively doubles your water use. Waiting until its full and using the start option are the best ways to maximize its water efficiency.


  • Washing machines : Washing machines account for 16% of all water used inside the average home. Reducing your washing by just one load a week could save almost 2,600L each year!
  • Taps : Leaking taps are a waste of precious water up to 10,000L per year! Fixing a dripping tap is easy, but you should pay attention on it.


  • Rainwater tank: A rainwater tank can be a great way to save and store rainwater to use on your garden during drier weather. A small tank (up to 2,000L) can be plumbed into your toilet and washing machine, saving over 20,000L of water a year.
  • Watering time: Watering before 9am is best because some researches show that if plants could be watered before 9am, the water could soak into the roots and this would be the largest benefit, which means you do not need waste some water on plants.

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